How to Choose the Best Blanket

Your bed is not complete with only a mattress and sheets. You also need high-quality blankets to make it cozy. You can buy wholesale blankets to save money. How do you choose blankets that give you the best sleep? Also, you should choose blankets that suit your budget and climate.


When purchasing a blanket for the bed, you should choose one that can cover the mattress. Remember that the exact sizes of blankets vary from one manufacturer to another. Most manufacturers provide a size table for comparisons. Make sure you consult it before buying your blanket.


There is a need to consider the fabric or material used to make the blanket. These are the common fabrics used with their pros and cons.


Cotton provides long-lasting strength and it is breathable even after washing it multiple times. Cotton is a staple fiber, and produces a fluffy and soft fabric. If you are allergic to certain materials, you should consider getting cotton blankets. You can use a cotton blanket in any given season. If you like the green lifestyle, you should go for organic cotton blankets.

Cotton blankets are the most popular blankets available in homes. They are lightweight, stylish, and durable. Since they are hypoallergenic, they are perfect for persons suffering from skin problems. They are the best if you want low-maintenance blankets.


This type of fabric is sourced from cashmere goats. These goats are reared in various parts of the world. It is a popular fabric because it is softer as compared to sheep’s wool. In addition, it offers stronger insulation that keeps you toasty and nice on cold winter nights. You should note that cashmere fibers are light and strong. Thus, they cannot break easily or weigh you down. Many people choose these blankets because they are soft and luxurious. Although they are expensive, they are silky and warm.


If you want a blanket that is warm, heavy and provides adequate insulation, then you should consider wool blankets. They allow for moisture to escape. However, if you are sensitive or allergic to wool, you should not avoid these blankets.


You can also find synthetic blankets on the market. These are polyester, microfiber, and acrylic. The good thing about these blankets is their warmth. The main problem with them is that they attract static electricity. In addition, they hold onto dust, and hair, and can lose threads. You should avoid blankets made of cheap synthetics as they are subject to wear and pilling. However, if you want cheaper blankets, these are the ones.


There is a need to consider the style of your bedroom. You can uplift it with the color of the blanket. Ideally, you can match or contrast the décor of the room. When choosing the blanket, you should keep the bedding and layout of the room in mind.


When buying blankets for your bedroom, make sure you consider the above tips. Most of the blankets available have a straightforward cleaning process. You can also opt for machine wash blankets. Ensure you check the product labels to know the fabric used and the mode of washing recommended.




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